Wednesday, June 14


The not-so-weird-but-hallucinating-about-being-weird Nirwa tagged me the other day. She wants me to write 5 weird things about myself!! Come on now Nirwa, you know I am not weird!

But anyways, it's impolite to not respond to tag, so here I go.

1. I don't know if I am weird or the people who do it are. But somehow it happens again and again. Many people I come across, many of them senior colleagues, or even my seniors in college tend to kinda ruffle my hair! Not always but once in a while, when you are least expecting it. Its something like you do (or want to do) to kids when they smile that cute stupid smile!!

2. This is again not exactly weird but it seems weird to people who are victims of it (I myself being one of them!). They fight, argue, debate, deny and what not, but most of the times they come back and lay down their arms and accept what I say. Well... I am talking about these 'feelings' that I get about people. I might not know them personally, they can be complete strangers like SRK would be to me, they can be my friends, people I come across in restaurants...... any human being for that matter. Somehow I get this 'feeling' about that person being in love with, or liking, or having a crush on some other particular person. I can have that feeling for both of them together and I don't need to see them together for it. Infact recently I had a 'feeling' about two bloggers and my God! there were chances of some truth being in it! (hint* hint*) It gets scary at times, because once I 'felt' about Abhishek-Ashiwarya and the next week there was a report in the papers about them being a couple!!! Weird is it?

3. When I think or talk to myself I generally talk in either German or English! Not marathi which is my mother tongue. Why?

4. This might be happening to quite a few people, but at times I think its really weird that people think this about me. And also really weird that it happens or I do it.'s like.... I blush a lot! I say I smile, but people think I am blushing. It's just that being fair enough I get red whenever I smile or laugh, its not blushing, is it? But I get smiled and teased because I blush so much. (Of course there are people who love my smile *blush* *blush*)

5. And again not exactly weird but weird. Probably you might have thought of it by now. You might be saying to yourself right now, get to the point girl, itni sari backgrounding or base kyu de rahi ho. But people, that's how it is. I am weirdly addicted to adding a lot of prefixes, prefaces, introductory remarks vagera vagera whenever I have to make a point. I jsut can say... "I have a weird habit of doing XYZ". This sentence will come last or somewhere in between, but never first. It will have a long prefixing sentences or words.

Phew! That's a lot of embarrassment for one day. I think I will pass on the buck to some more and feel happy that I am not the only one who's embarrassed. So...

1. Chetan(if that's the only way you can be made to update your blog, I wont skip the chance ;)),

2. Gaurav (if you belong to COEP you got to be weird!),

3. Ashuthosh(who's reportedly so brilliant, I am sure he must have streaks of weirdness)

4. ?! Dubious Moves (becuase the name itself is so weird)

5. Of course the one and only "he who should not be named"! ;)


Nirwa said...

Hahha.. I love my new name! :P

Even I was confused whether to call something weird, stupid, strange or some other thing! :P

And second point.. *ahem* *ahem*!! Abhi and Ash are not a pair.. Abhi and Nirwa are a pair! :P

Its fun reading tags! haha


GuNs said...

Came here from Nirwa's blog. Interesting reading about your 'weirdnesses' !! LOL, why dont you dream up someone to pair me? I'll pay you "mooh maangi raqm" to do that [:-P]

Do check out my blog when you get time. I have something similar on a post called "My complete profile" on my blog. [:-D]Find a link to it on my sidebar under 'Favourite Posts'.

Blogmarking you !!


Manasi said...

nirwa: well... your photo suggests that you are as beautiful as ash and so the goof-up! ;)

guns: thanks! :)
if you who do i dream of....lemme see ;)

Amy said...

Pretty weird. I'm with you on number two. I have feelings about certain couples as well..must be a girl thing! I just knew that Brad and Angelina were gonna get to gether somehow...I don't know how, but i knew! That's weird also about you not thinking in your mother tongue!! Maybe you express yourself better in other languages or maybe your just an incredibly good linguist :)

Manasi said...

amy mack the capital cadet: (that's some name now! mind if i call you amcc?)

Thanks for dropping by :)

?! said...

You tagged me and I never knew it!


And called me weird too. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

ich bin nur ein Fremder. ich hatte Ihre blog zufaellig gefunden. ich hatte nie geglaubt dass Sie auf Deutsch denken!! Das finde ich interessant. Sie muessen ein Linguist sein, oder? Auch gut zu wissen dass Sie sich noch ueber Pune gut informieren sind. Mein Deutsch ist sehr schlimm, also schreibe ich nicht mehr.

In keeping with your latest blog entry about BRT, नक्की पुने चे रास्ते खद्यात गेले आहेत. So you are not missing much, i guarantee...Keep writing!

-a passer-by, abhishek