Friday, November 13

Bullet proof? Not really

Why does this not surprise me anymore?

Wednesday, November 11

Elephantine move

Looks like all the zoo elephants will be moving out of town. The Central Zoo Authority has asked all zoos and circuses to return the elephants to their natural habitats in nationals parks, tiger reserves and sanctuaries. While this is a positive step, does it mean that kids will now have to go to national parks to get a glimpse of the magnificent animal? Will zoos be as attractive without the elephants? Would it have been better if the zoo elephants were allowed to stay back and their living conditions improved? Are the parks, sanctuaries and reserves sufficiently protected from poachers, or will the elephants face the tigers' fate?

Another thing is that the report says nothing about the commercial ride elephants on city roads. Will they be returned to their natural habitats? Are they not the ones at greater risk of being exploited and harmed? Or do they fall under the Ministry of Environment and Forests and therefore not covered by the CZA circular?

Wednesday, November 4