Wednesday, December 23

....and I was killed by dogs!

HT reports about the revelation by a Delhi girl of being burnt to death in her past life...and compares it to Deepika Padukone's character in Om Shanti Om! The girl discovered the reason for her fear of fire and marriage on the show Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka. And it has all to do with her past life!! Another female had a fear of heights and air travel because she died in an air crash in her previous life. And the show's researchers found all the details she gave to be precise. Celina Jaitley was a man and wounded in the war...a wound that hurts even today. Seriously!?!

So now I think the fact that I am scared of dogs has nothing to do with the stray dogs on Indian roads, or that crazy dog my neighbor had. I think it was because I was killed by dogs in my past life.

It is really appalling that a show like this even exists. As if all those saas-bahu dramas were not enough, we now have to get into such mumbojumbo. It makes me look at Sach Ka Samana, Big Boss or Rakhi ka Swayamwar with new respect. At least they are plain stupid. I can understand the economics behind such reality shows. And the networks have every right to sell when people are ready to buy. What baffles me is why people are willing to buy such BS? Does the television industry feel no social responsibility? How can a newspaper like the HT report such things as news? There is not a single word in the report to indicate even a hint of sarcasm. It reads like the writer believes it to be true.

Why does the film, television and news industry have to regress into the realm of antiquated ideas and superstitions to succeed in our modern economy? Why?