Thursday, June 21

Bollywood Dhamaka!

With the summer vacation in full swing, I have been on a movie-watching spree. Right from EkChalis Ki Last Local to Red Swatik, I watched them all. (Online, of course!).

So after the two consecutive disappointments, I was really hoping for some good entertainment, and Ek Chalis Ki Last Local does do that. It entertains. It is a stupid film, that you don't need to take your brains to. But like all those Govinda-David Dhawan films, it does entertain. In fact I also like Abhay Deol in it. I sincerely think that Abhay Deol is bearable just because I haven't seen him dance yet, and because he is not the regular Deol 'he-man'. But yes, he does look extremely dumb. On the contrary Neha Dhupia looks the 'he-man' here (rather always!) The remainder of the cast, music, etc is good enough and I wouldn't mind recommending it to someone who really wants to laze around, and give his brains a well deserved rest.

But if you don't want to do that, then you should watch Provoked time only! Provoked is a must watch. Its been done beautifully, with all the actors fitting perfectly into their character. Except for Ms . It has everything, right from a cause to Aishwarya Rai! Being based on a real-life story, it evokes a lot of sympathy and anger. Domestic violence is an issue that needs serious thought and remedy. It needs us to raise our kids to respect women. But foremost it also needs some stringent measures to deter the perpetrators, to provide relief and voice to the victims. However, more of it later. Now its Bollywood time! Provoked is a must watch! Its been done beautifully, with all the actors fitting perfectly into their character. Except for Ms Rai. Of course she has done a brilliant job, and for a change she is not her usual Miss World self, but a woman victimised. I would think this is one of her best performances so far. But then, she being herself, it is difficult for a viewer to not look at her as Ms Rai. Her presence makes the film seem a little unreal. A lesser know actress might have made a difference. Or for that matter Nandita Das would have been wonderful in it too. But then one needs to sell the film, attract the crowds, without which the message, the story would be better untold. And that, Ms Rai does well. With due credit to her performance, it is her stardom that overshadows, that makes you want to see the film. I knew the story, I saw it to see why Ms Rai is in it!

And then I decided to see her dad-in-law. In Cheeni Kum. The film is simple and sweet, though it did get a little irritating whenever the 'sexy' kid came up, or when Paresh Rawal went on a Satyagraha. I thought that Satyagraha business was a bit to far fetched, and did not add anything to the film. Instead a nicely thought out debate between Amitabh and Paresh Rawal would have been much better. When Amitabh does his final speech, and enumerates the reasons why the dad wouldn't want his daughter to marry him, the whole issue gets frivolous. The movie till then had raised my expectations much higher than that. Of course the part till then is good. The witty dialogues between Tabu and Amitabh are really well written, and both play them out as if second nature. The screenplay deserves kudos. It builds the two characters beautifully, who I doubt would have been as strong without it. Tabu looks very elegant, and fits the role to the T. Their chemistry is also good, and one can feel it increasing in tandem with the increased attraction between the two in the film. Overall, a sweet film that put a smile on my face.

And because I don't want that smile to go away, I shall not tell you a word about Red Swastik. Or rather, I should well tell you three words about it , Don't watch it!!!