Monday, May 21

Just another disappointment

And while we are at making illogical films, I have a few questions about TaRaRumPum.

1. What were they thinking when they styled Rani Mukherjee in the first half?
2. Who in the world gets away speeding on NYC lanes at that!!! speed, without getting killed, or even a ticket!?!
3. How much does an F1 champion, reigning king earn? Just enough to go bankrupt in a year!?
4. What was Rani doing while Saif was recuperating? A zero bank balance!!!
5. Why did Rani (intellectual as her father claims she is) not complete her degree?
6. If Saif is spending away money, what is she as his wife, the miserly-rich-kid-future-planner doing?
7. Why are kids in films always so stupid?

If anyone can answer these reasonably well, I might actually say that the film is OK.


Ravi said...


I came across your blog through Technorati and I'm glad I came here!

Your blog is gr8 and I realy liked your style of writing..specially the bollywood issues :o)

Take care n keep writing mam!



Crazy Dhakkan said...

I saved myself the pains of watching yet another YashRaj.

I am disappointed that you actually saw it! :P

Manasi said...

Ravi: Thanks!

Crazy dhakkan: There are some reasons for some things which cannot be disclosed ;)

AK said...

I have some questions of my own. Why In every film must there be:

1.An arranged marriage no one wants
2.Someone who looks exactly the same in a 20 year flashback as they do today
3.Someone who commits suicide
4.Someone who gets raped or someone who wants to rape someone
5.A family discord that lasts ten years because someone got married without permission
6.Someone named Chotu Master
7.One punch to the head sending someone flying 20 feet in the air out a window
8.A mother who is catatonic because her son disappeared
9.Random Chief Ministers who have nothing to do with the plot
10.Honest, madly patriotic police inspectors who take all crime personally
11.People wearing tight leather in the desert
12.People not minding dumped at their shaadis because 'love is so great'
13.Someone named Malhotra or Sonia
14.Spontaneous healing of all illnesses after some exiled family member returns
15.Near fatal heart attacks on queue in order to guilt someone into an arranged marriage to a womanizing drunk who’s a friend of the family