Friday, June 9

All for the 'Vansh'

I have nothing against film lyrics. I firmly believe that it's a skill, an art to actually be able to churn out 'prose-on-demand'. I really do appreciate our film lyricists' hardwork. But at times they do work a bit too hard.

I recently came across one such song from the film Vansh.

"Aake teri bahonmein har sham lage sinduri
Mere man ko mehekaye tere man ki kastuuurieee... (sung by both the artists one after the other, each sentence repeated twice... thrice)
Meheki havaye udata achal
Lat ghungarali kale badal ..... aaaaaa......(twice)(male)
Premsudha nainose barse
Pi lenneeko jeevan tarse (female)
Bahonme kass lene de
Prit ka chumban dene de (fast! I mean the speed of the song!!)(twice)
In adharonse chalak na jaayee
Yauvanras angooriieeee.... (twice)(male)
Aake teri........ (duet)......aaaaaaa.......
Sundartaka beheta sagar
Tereliye hai rupaki ghagar......oooooo....(twice)(female)
Indradhanush ke ranga churau
Teri suuni mang sajau (male)
Do pholonke khilneka
Waqt yahi hai milneka (fast!)(twice)
Aaja milke aaj mitaaadeeee
Thodisiye duuuuuriiieeee... (twice)(female)
Aake teri...... (duet)(repeated till death!!)

Granted that the song is supposed to be a love song, something intimate between the lovers in the film. I haven't seen the picturisation, but the typical Kamal Hasan - S P Balasubramanyam songswala music and the tune and intonations etc are sufficient for me to picturise enough. I can see them on a hill in the typical "traditional" dhoti and sari-worn-like-a-dhoti attire with smoke envloping them at strategic words in the song. If it were to be remixed and picturised I am sure our item girls would search for "cover".

Today there are numerous (or is it all?) songs that would put this song to shame with their vulgarity and lewedity. Songs that give elaborate lessons in human (read female) anatomy and ensure that no mortal is ignorant to its "rights and needs." However to me this song is supreme! The creeps it gave me........ no Mallika Sherawat has ever been that far!! Sometimes euphemism can be worse than the strongest of words!

And so now I have a mission. The mission of my life. An investement for the 'birds and bees'. I am going to create a library of all such songs, songs that give me the creeps (songs that give me everything else can wait)... so that tomorrow my kids can have the greatest 16th birthday gift ever!
P.S. This post is not meant to offend or cast aspersions on any'body'.


Supremus said...

"I can see them on a hill in the typical "traditional" dhoti and sari-worn-like-a-dhoti attire with smoke envloping them at strategic words in the song. If it were to be remixed and picturised I am sure our item girls would search for "cover"

-- ROTFL. Mmmmh - I will keep a watch on this space for more such gems!


Vinod R Iyer said...

Its not limited to hindi film songs, I guess .. Its all over ..What abt the lyrics(or blabbering) in the hip-hop chartbusters in english !!

Pharrell Williams' new songs goes like this ..
"Can I have it like that..
U got it like that"

And thats the "song"!!

Manasi said...

suyog: Thanks :)
If i find more of such songs I promise you will have a hiraonka haar to gift your wife ;)

Manasi said...

vinod iyer: yea right. guess this one song came too out of the blue for me to not write abt it.
BTW do send me more examples of such 'songs' and I will name on of the shelf in the library after you!

Actually its an open offer to everyone who would like to contribute towards a brighter future.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Wow! That was some post... why not release a DVD with your library once you have finished? I am sure it will be a megahit! :)

Manasi said...

Sudipta: Thanks :)
I shall remember to do that. And of course you will get a free comlimentary copy ;)

Nirwa said...

Your taking pains to write down full lyrics shows how much you are in love with the song.. I have been in love with many such songs, which I often sing to annoy people around me! :P

Will listen to this song as soon as I get my lazy self to d/l it! :P


Manasi said...

Nirwa: of course i love that song. i devoted so much space and time to it!
and of course you must listen to it! its an order! ;)

GuNs said...

Some of my favourite songs bring on that 'creepy' feeling in me.

Every Breath Tou Take [Police], Red Red Wine [UB40 version], Free Bird [Lynyrd Skynyrd], Kabhi Kabhie [Mukesh], Kahiin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye [Mukesh]....and many more.

Lyrics make a moving song, I say. Rand De Basanti had a collection of insane lyris and beautiful ones. Paathshaala had absurd lyrics but fully justified by its context and Khoon Chala has absolutely amazing lyrics.


P.S.: The more posts I read, the more your blog seems interesting !!

Manasi said...

guns: thanks :)

Ritwik Patra said...

I think the best is putting off the sound and watching those birds and bees dancing around..... God.. nothing could be funnier & entertaining!!!