Friday, January 30


Ramadoss and Gehlot have joined the anti-pub brigade!

It is against the "Indian ethos" according to these people. Really. Do you mean to say that people did not drink in ancient India? Or did they not socialize? Or did they not smoke? Oh right 'ganja' is reserved for saints. And booze for politicians!

Who cares about the economic repercussions of banning all liquor and scaring away people from restaurants that serve alcohol. Of what it does to the image of the country and the tourists (money) it attracts and scares.

Gehlot also talks against public display of affection. I have previously written about not being a great supporter of PDA, but that does not surpass my staunch support of individual freedoms. These moral police seem to be of the belief that exercising the right to act upon one's free will is equal to that person being wasted (vaya gelela to be precise). And then there is the "concern" that if women drink and smoke and mix around with guys they might be taken "advantage" of. As a woman I find it extremely insulting and degrading. I have a brain that knows danger and is completely capable of warning me. It can also do more than one thing at a time.

And then there are these people. Just so that he knows, we are no longer under the rule of imperial powers. The governments are elected by Indians themselves. So what Bhagat Singh and Jhansi ki Rani did do not apply to current circumstances. Killing innocent Indians is unpatriotic, not the other way round. You are no where close to the ranks of those freedom fighters.

I don't even want to say anything anymore. I am officially disgusted now. Or is expressing disgust against the spirit of being a bharatiya nari.

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