Tuesday, January 13

Gut 'wrench'ing

When the campaign ended, I thought it was the last that we would hear of him. But he seems to be pushing his 15 minutes of fame. Joe the Plumber is now Joe the Reporter. I don't know what is more ridiculous, that McCain played him up during the elections or that he is being turned into a reporter because he sees "glaring oversight in the journalism field." No one told me that is the way to being a reporter and covering important world events. I have been wasting my time studying and trying to understand world politics and the "field of journalism." I should have simply trained to be a plumber, or maybe not.

Of course this does say a lot about today's news media (particularly 24 news channels) and its dependence on gimmicks and ratings. The Mumbai blasts showed us what the Indian news channels are up to. The newspapers are losing out to the news channels and it is ironic how the first major New York Times front page advertisement was by CBS.

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