Sunday, January 18

I.K. Gujral's advise to Obama

I am sure he meant to say a lot more than what he actually does. Foreign Policy asked world leaders for advise for Obama and there are some good things people have said. And if Mr. Gujral were to meet him, the one thing he would say to Obama is,

"I would tell Barack Obama that we are a country that is [like] Gandhi, and anything one wants to understand about India, one should read Gandhi more than anyone else."

As the former Prime Minister of India that would be his advise to the new U.S. President? Nothing about governance, policy-making, not even the Gujral doctrine.

And of South Asia, Obama should know that,

"We are [of the] same stock, India and Pakistan. I was born [in Pakistan], for instance. I lived there; then the partition came. We have a very warm feeling for [Pakistani] society. ... I hope from now onwards both societies will live as friends."

I think both Mr. Gujral and Foreign Policy could have done better.

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