Tuesday, November 21


There are so many I-did-not-expect-that things that you encounter when you are in a new place. After more than three months in the US I can say there are n number of things that I did not expect and experienced here. But what happened over the last couple of days takes the crown. We had power failure! Na, not the Bush one. Power failure as in 'batti gul'!

Of course there are power failures everywhere. But here! And twice in a row!! No way!!! I definitely did not expect that. The entire University of Maryland, College Park campus had a power failure for almost an hour today morning. Reason: some transformer somewhere. (no one I knew, knew what had happened:( ) Result: Statistically significant increase in levels of happiness on campus. Classes canceled for the hour, student disapparations, irritated professors, marginal increase in coffee sales, extended lunch hours, excited shopping plans, have-a-happy-thanksgivings.

The other power failure was at the place I live. I was in the bathroom getting ready for a lakeside walk. Looked into the mirror. Soaped face. Closed eyes. Bent down. Washed face. Looked up. Darkness. SOS!! And then suddenly the lights started flickering. It went dark again. Flicker. Dark. The sequence continued for more than half an hour. Rental office: Reason unknown. Electrical friends: Reason: some transformer somewhere.

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Your excitement is understandable! :D