Sunday, November 12

The missing green

(Pix: Bala)

I am in love! The weather is awesome. I can feel the wind through my hair tickling the nerve endings. The ripples in the lake carry fall colors to the banks. The ducks slide along smiling. The bench amidst trees makes me skip a heartbeat. I trod over fallen leaves. They miss you.


Anonymous said...

Nice one..but which place is it..?
- a passerby..

Supremus said...

Yes. Fall is lovely. Very beautiful. Try and head to Shenandoah valley in next 1-2 weeks, u will simply love it.


Manasi said...

Shishir: That's greenbelt, Maryland. Its right next to my house and a wonderful way to relax.
Thanks for stopping by.

Suyog: :)
Btw where is Shenandoah valley?