Wednesday, November 29

Impressions II

Fall is a pretty season. Not just because it paints a beautiful landscape. It also provides wholesome bird-watching opportunity! And no girl would disagree.

The weather in fall is moderately cold (nights can get really bad, but then acche bacche don’t stay out late nights!), and warm clothing is essential. And that’s where the fun begins. Back home in Pune, I don’t remember having bought multiple sweaters or having worn them for more than 20 days of the entire winter season. Unless you are traveling early morning or late night, you hardly need a sweater. In school, which was an afternoon session, I didn’t even have a sweater! It would be pleasant. ‘Gulabi thandi’ for those who know what I mean.

The cold weather that I have experienced here is different and currently restricted only to Fall. And I am looking forward to winter. Snow is a major attraction. But an even greater attraction is winter fashion! Over the last two months since temperatures started dropping, every day has been a treat to my fashion buds. Girls here know how to look pretty even in minus temperatures! The range of winter fashion that I have experienced here, and tempted to buy is awesome. The variety of overcoats, jackets, sweaters, scarves, caps, gloves, shoes….. magnificent! I remember wearing either regular black front-open sweater or pullovers back home. I hardly knew anything else beyond that. A denim jacket or a windcheater at the most. But then winters were never so cold. Here I see girls in all hues and shades, dressed up in lovely sweaters, overcoats, boots, scarves and caps. They look both cozy and stylish. On any given day at the 7.00AM bus, a girl so dressed up would enter, carefully remove her overcoat and gloves and wear them again as her stop comes closer. And all this without disturbing her hair, makeup, or getting conscious about people watching. I could never have imagined taking off my sweater without spoiling my hairdo. This means it stayed there no matter how warm, or I removed it without bothering about the hair.

Probably it is the moderation of Fall that allows them to do that. Perhaps winters would be different. Perhaps they only look warm. Perhaps someday I would have the entire range of winter clothes and look as composed and elegant even in snow! {Hint* Hint* ;) }


Supremus said...

Mmmh. And winter deprieves me from birdwatching and also ahem... appreciating summer fashion :D


Manasi said...
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Manasi said...

Suyog: Haha!!! Poor you ;)

BTW is that what is keeping you from updating your blog?!

Rob's troubled friend said...

I used to despise fall, it was so depressing to look at the leaves falling off tree branches. Everything was so dead, and the animals start to disappear. Now, I am not so bothered by it anymore. Instead, I am bothered by winter. It's too cold, there are no animals around period, and nothing remains on the trees.

Manasi said...

rob's troubled friend: yea right. It does get depressing at times. Especially as the sunsets at 4pm and by 6pm you start feeling as if its late into the night and the day is over. The trees without their leaves definitely look scary!
Thanks for dropping by!