Thursday, February 9

Things that make me go Grrrrrrrrrrr...................

Yesterday Suyog tagged me to this and so here I go………………
1. Staring at the screen doing nothing (writer’s block in a more sophisticated language!).
2. That mosquito that keeps on buzzing around you and everyone else looks at you as if your crazy waving your hands in the air.
3. People who start and never complete their sentence. (What? Should I mind read?!)
4. People who give you ‘khunas’ the first time you ever see them. (Maine kya kiya hai bhai!)
5. People who work with the expression that the existence of the company depends solely upon them. (So what are others there for, timepass?)
6. Girls who pout and talk. (Not everyone you talk to is going to kiss you, girl!)
7. People who bring jingling key-chains to office. (Announcing your arrival, are you?)
8. Girls you wear dark pink coloured lipstick. (Yuck!)
9. People who are constantly (jogging, working, eating, driving) dressed and behave as if they are facing the camera.
10. People who indicate left and turn right (or viceversa).
11. People you turn and then indicate!!!
12. Drivers who almost run you over and then look at you as f you were trying to run him over.
13. Guys who take offence each time a girl overtakes them, and then do all sorts of driving ‘tricks’.
14. People who jump signals.
15. Simultaneous digging up of parallel roads (Does it mean we start flying?!)
16. Garbage bins being burnt (Aren’t our cities polluted enough!)
17. Women who hit their kids if he/she falls down.
18. Girls who simply stick to their ‘guys’ on the bike (Fevicol ka majbut jod hai!)
19. Girls who give you the ‘kill you’ look even if you happen to give ‘their guy’ a passing look. (I am not going to steal him.)
20. Girls you try to act tomboyish when they are so clearly not. (Please be yourself!)
21. People who make plans with you and renegade and don’t even inform. (SMS is cheap on money and time, dear!)
22. Girls who you know are one of the greatest flirts and who still give you the holier-than-thou look once they are married. (Does that mangalsutra make you a sati-savitri overnight?)
23. People who do not acknowledge letters/cards (How am I know you got it!)
24. Indiscipline
25. Clutter

Pheww!! Ok now that’s quite a list. Suyog and Shruti, how about playing ‘my-list-is-longer-than-yours’?


Shruthi said...

ROTFL! That was one funny list! :) My list is still the longest - Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha! ;)

meera said...

Agree with you completely , girl! The one about the mosquito was right on. I hate them and they ayways seem to find me; even during meetings and high profile buffets (where you are holding the plate in one hand and cant even swat the damn insect. Living in Pune, I totally understand and sympathise with all the Grrrrrs.....aimed at the roads and people driving on them. About the girls, you'll definitely have a lot more peace of mind if you either ignore them or give them a piece of your mind!!!

Manasi said...

Shruti: Thanks! Writing this list was real fun! Quite introspective actually.

Meera: Hmm..... I dont think I should waste my time giving those girls my piece/peace of mind. Its better I ignore.

Supremus said...

"2. That mosquito that keeps on buzzing around you and everyone else looks at you as if your crazy waving your hands in the air."

This one had me in splits!! Hahahaha! I could imagine myself doing this.

You are right - so introspective insnt it lol - check out Nirwa's replies to here:

Sorry Shruthi, I think Nirwa has bet all three of us hands down - and she's promising a part 2 - holy molly!!

Had a good time readin this!


Manasi said...

Suyog: Thanks. That mosquito thing is really irritating!!!
And Nirwa's list is mind-boggling. Huge is a too small a word for it.