Sunday, February 12


I went out for a film with an old friend after looooooong time. And you bet it was fun. For one the tickets to AdLabs were free (she had won them! :) ), second the movie was good and of course we had so much to catch up upon and lots to gossip about ;).

So we went for 'Holiday' (which is supposed to be a copy of Dirty Dancing, though I have not seen it and so cannot comment). Though the name, the lead actor and actress are not exactly attractive, the beautiful blue sea on the posters is attractive enough. The film is about a girl (Muskaan), who is depressed by her failure at not being able to be a doctor like her father and how she finds herself and what she is made for through Salsa. The family is on a long trip to Goa, importantly to get Muskaan out of her mood and lively again. She is a very bookwormish kind of a girl, kind at heart but not like others her age, fretting over looks and guys. She sees a Salsa performance by Dino Morea (he surprised me by his dancing), who teaches Salsa at the hotel and is mesmerized. However she does not join classes and it is only through chance circumstances that she lands up taking lessons. She finds happiness in dancing and Dino Morea encourages her to pursue her dreams and not bow down and necessarily be what social norms expect her to be. The two fall in love and thanks to the usual party spoilers, they are made to part ways. The climax of the film is good where the hero comes back to the hotel so that he can fulfill Muskaan's dream of performing in front of her parents and seeing them applaud and be proud of her. And so she does, and they are united again.

The film is good because it does not keep on drifting into the passionate moments of the couple and we see a very nice relationship between them, where they are not just lovers but also friends. It is a film about the girl and her transformation through following her heart and that it what it sticks to. Somewhere I am sure all of us can relate to this theme, either because we do follow our heart or because we do not have had the chance to do it.

It is just a two hour film and definitely does not bore you. The lead lady is a very good dancer, very swift and graceful. Dino Morea surprises us with his dance, though his face is as stoic as always. Gulshan Grover has done a good job as the father who is also a friend to his daughter, and their relationship is well portrayed. The music is good and the songs flow with the story. In short it is a good movie, worth watching and enjoying some 'good dancing'!


Supremus said...

Mmmh. Dirty Dancing was a good movie; esp the awesome songs!

Now, dino morea or whatsherwierdname Onjolee (Why the hell cant she call herself Anjali?) hardly seem very inviting ppl to drag me out of my monotonous life to see 'em.

If it comes accross or someone offers me free popcorn to sit along with them to see the movie, i will probably catch it hehe!


silverine said...

I think it is encouraging that Hindi movies show romance in a more realistic manner now especially since so many impressionabe kiddos watch these films.

Nirwa said...


Pooja Bhatt scares me!

Ever since I saw TOI give this movie a 3 star rating, I decided I won't watch it.. TOI sucks at movie ratings..

My sentiments are exactly like Supreme Suyog.. if someone offers me free popcorn, I might consider! :P


Manasi said...

Suyog and Nirwa: You guys missed out on an important point " the tickets to AdLabs were free "!
I agree even i was very skecptical about going for it and would not have probably bought tickets for it. But then after having seen the film i dont think it would have been a waste of money.

Silverine: Right. It was quite surprising, especially coming from a pooja bhatt fiom. I was actually dreading the 'couple' scenes.Kids can definitely watch it, no hassles.

Hiren said...

You are absolutely right about most of us being able to relate to that theme. In fact, I have a blog devoted to that called "Make your passion your profession".

Hope someday, somebody also makes a movie on the plight of those people who are not able to follow their heart for whatever reason.

Manasi said...

hiren: sorry for the delyaed reply. I read your blog and must say you have some wonderful posts. Keep posting and listening to your heart! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi all!