Tuesday, July 7

Baba Ramdev supports Art 377

My attitude towards Baba Ramdev can best be described as apathetic. Not that news surrounding him lacked spice, it just didn't matter enough. However, his decision to challenge the Delhi High Court verdict on gay sex makes me angry. One, because I believe that human sexuality is no religion's business. Two, I hate self-appointed self-righteous guardians of religion and morality. Three, Hinduism seems rather neutral towards the idea and we do not need to drag the religion into a debate it rather not be a part of. And four, Ramdev has a significant following and could undermine the cause of the gay movement in India.

The basis of his petition is that homosexuality is dangerous to "public morality," "public health" and would expose larger sections of the population to HIV/AIDS. Unprotected sex with multiple partners of any gender ups the chances of contracting a STD. Gayness has no direct proven relation with an increase in infection rates. Baba Ramdev also jumps on the protectors of Indian values bandwagon and thinks that the decision will jeopardise the institution of marriage and "offend the Indian value system." BS!

But the real gem is this... "Homosexual relationships, if encouraged, would bring population growth of a country to a halt and may deprive this country of its greatest asset of human resources," he said. As if homosexuality will turn off all the straight ones. As if we do not have too many people already. Why do these people want to perpetuate a lie that Indians are asexual beings? We are a sufficiently horny society like any other normal society. Not talking about it does not change it. Look at any guy on the street, or our films. Or even the Lifestyle section of ToI.

It is sad that religions across the world trample upon human dignity and freedom in the name of some archaic "value system." That how you choose to express your love requires religious sanction. The Delhi High Court's verdict based on protection of human rights was a mature way of discussing the issue. I think the Supreme Court of India should appreciate and uphold the ruling, as should the UPA government and scrap Article 377.

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Virendra said...

well said friend..Being a Gay from Jabalpur..I completely agree with yu..Anyway..Jus start writting to ramdev Baba..Thts its abt discrimination..Hw cud he stop tht ! MUJHE APNE GAY HONE KA JARA BHI GUM NAHI,Jabki mere sare dost,gharwale,rishteydar ye baat jante hai.Mai discrimination ka khud shikar hu..So i oppose baba ramdevs stand..