Saturday, April 11

Fine, I have a demented mind.

But can you really help not think about the Akshay-Twinkle fiasco when the first thing you see on TOI screaming at you in bold is...

"It has become a fashion to open fronts: Sonia"

Maybe it is the ongoing "tea bag" drama in the US that is wreaking my brain. That is torture for a tea lover like me. Someone really needs to reconsider and revamp vocabulary, or who knows how many more will go nuts.

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AK said...

I am waiting to see which group of shameless crooks will be set to rule india for the next 5 years.

Seriously whenever i hear indian politicians say 'i want to serve the nation and the all the aam aadmis', i just hear the sound of crores being sucked down the drain and into different money stuffed bedrooms.