Friday, April 10

Chappleni marala pahije!

What's with all the shoe hurling in India? [Link] [Link] When that guy threw it at Bush it was funny, or maybe even made a statement for some people. But dear copycats, it doesn't really make any statement. And neither is it cool. Of course the old school teacher is too far advanced in years to care for it, and I doubt if it even came out of his own head. Jindal is definitely not the worst politician he has encountered. There must have been many before him who deserved to be dignified with a similar action.

I can understand that chappal kadhun marane is a very demeaning thing, and you really got to be angry to do that. I have seen construction workers do that to each other on more than one occasion. But a journalist? You have various other means at your disposal to express your anger. PC is a rather decent man. It doesn't really do much to attack someone like that. Try attacking any of the Thackerays instead. Maybe then some might think of you as 'brave.'

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