Tuesday, November 25

Shanipar yenar?

Nothing, not even Chintoo or Calvin and Hobbes has ever amused me so much. Everything was fine until...

"Dubbed "common man's radio taxi", the pilot project, first of its kind in the country, equipping auto rickshaws with GPS-based systems is being launched by the Urban Development Ministry in Pune on November 29."

And it did not just end here. The news continues.

"They (drivers) will also be given special training to deal with passengers."

Really!! have they even ever seen, let alone talked to a rickshawala in Pune ?! For all we know someone will have the audacity to give them special training in driving. Civilization as we know it will cease to exist. Such decisions cannot be taken hastily...afterall the security of the realms is at stake. We cannot let it happen! Puneri asmita is at stake here people. Raj Thackery was right. Those northies are trying to destroy our culture, our way of living. They should go back to their 'north' and teach their rickshawalas how to deal with passangers. What business do they have teaching us anything. We are Oxford of the East. We teach people. People don't teach us. Definitely not the northies.

We have to do something.

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