Monday, November 3

Question for TOI

I have a question for the Times of India reporters/subs/editors... How and why does it matter when reporting a rape if the alleged abuser was a dalit?!?!?

For one rape and murder are heinous crimes in themselves and should be sufficient premises for carrying the story. Furthermore the person concerned is a tenth standard student, which adds to the 'news value' of the incident. Why then do you need to add that 'dalit' to the sentence? Can it not be reported merely as an inhumane act?


Yogesh said...

I'm not a TOI employee, but m tempted to answer your question.

The word "dalit" does have news value in this case as the victim too is dalit. Had the story read "a dalit girl was raped" (with no mention of who is the accused) It would have had different connotations. An obivious meaning would have been drawn suggesting abuser might be someone from upper caste.

And bytheway, you should have asked questions to PTI since the story originates their. :)


Manasi said...

Yogesh: Thank you for your answer :)

I would not have posed the question if the story had been as you suggested.

As for asking PTI, I think since TOI carried it and it went through their drill of editing, they are the ones responsible for it. Giving PTI the benefit of doubt, their reporter merely reported the incident, TOI should know how to publish it.