Monday, February 18

Not another review

A lot of time and space has already been devoted to the review and discussion of Jodha Akbar, and there is nothing different for me to add to it. Overall my verdict of the film is the same as most others, its too long and slow; you should watch it to see Hrithik and Rai look beautiful, and admire the jewelry. With that I shall spare you another account of the film and simply make a few observations and comments.

I am not a Hrithik or Rai fan, and so the entire purpose of watching the film was reassuring myself that Ashutosh Gowarikar is not turning into a Sanjay Leela Bhansali. And though for a large part he has not, there are scenes where I was disappointed. SLB is a good filmmaker and I did like his Khamoshi and Black, but he does things which I did not want the maker of Lagan and Swades to do. And yet in one particular scene I couldn't help say aloud that he is doing a SLB. The shot where Hrithik and Rai are sword fighting and yards of beautiful red material fall upon her and she struggles with was just like that part in Devdas when she fights a bug or thing in her bed as SRK watches from the sides. You don't do such things after Swades and Lagan.

The film is about Jodha Abkar and should have been restricted to it. However, AG is tempted to say a lot of things, preach, and the final product is more an 'Akbar' than a 'Jodha Akbar'. He would have done much better limiting himself to the love story. All the wooing, coochie-kooing would have seemed better then. Currently it seems more like AG was not satisfied with Hrithik playing a lovestruck king, and wanted to show him off in all other ways possible. And of course the foreplay song where you can sense the temptation to show a kiss being restrained. It did not leave a good taste, and neither did it do justice to the song.

Another thing that AG could have avoided was the Amitabh voice-over. It was too predictable and overdone. He could have used a fresh voice, Om Puri would have been good. Or even Raza Murad. Maybe it is all the media, but Amitabh did seem to be around watching and waiting to pounce on Hrithik and Rai. Atleast a different voice would have spared us that feeling.

I guess the overall film is ok and I would not discourage you from feasting your eyes on the lavish sets and costumes, and the beautiful Jodha Akbar. But go in with a lot of popcorn and soda, you will need it to keep yourself seated.


Ashutosh said...

The Amitabh voiceover does sound predictable. The music is also not too bad, although Lagaan was much more catchy in my opinion.

Manasi said...

Ashutosh: I agree about the music, Lagaan was really good while this one is at times average.