Tuesday, October 30

Is it time up for ElBaradei?

The US has once again chosen to dismiss Mr ElBaradei's findings that there is no evidence that Iran is making a bomb. In fact it is years away from making a bomb. But the US thinks that the fact that Iran chose to enrich its own uranium instead of importing it, proves that it wants weapons.

There is no doubt that Iran, with its belligerent President Ahmadinejad is a risk to world security. We need to be vigilant of what it does with its nuclear capabilities. The recent resignation of Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Mr Larijani is disturbing as he believed in negotiating with the West to settle the issue, while Ahmadinejad considers the case closed. However, does that justify rubbishing the IAEA's findings? If ElBaradei's reports, his intelligence is fit only to be dismissed repeatedly, I see no reason why the position should exist. The IAEA could be scrapped of its duties as the nuclear watchdog of the world, and Bush appointed in its place. His intelligence is always so much more accurate!

I really fear that Bush might want to go to war with Iran. There is a lot of opposition from all possible quarters, ample evidence to prove how difficult it will be for Bush to go to war. But his Iran rhetoric is disturbing. He dismissed ElBaradei's report about Iraq, and now he doing it for Iran. I desperately want to be an optimist, but can't help fearing the worst.

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