Tuesday, October 30

The Haitian

I find it very disturbing that a single person from Haiti could be instrumental in bringing the AIDS pandemic to the US. The BBC reports:

"With this data, they recreated a family tree for the virus, which they believe shows conclusively that the strain came to the US via Haiti - probably via a single person - in around 1969."

It raises questions about the sexual behavior of the US society. Rather about humans in general. If the general acceptance of monogamy, disdain of cheating is as widespread as it appears to be, a single person should have infected only a few dozen at the most. Even considering that his children passed it on and so forth, the person in question is believed to have entered US only in 1969. I am exaggerating no doubt, but is it really possible for a single person, or a few others from Haiti that came after him to have caused a pandemic?

I also fear if this would be used by some spiteful anti-immigration proponent to back his stance. I hope not!

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