Wednesday, February 15

The Little Prince: Book Review

The Little PrinceThe Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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The Little Prince is a marvelous story. Short and sweet like a children's book should be. And yet it gives you a lot to think about as an adult. I did read this book before, a long time ago, but now revisiting it after having my own kids makes me look at it in a totally different light. The way kids see things, with endless imagination, is an art we lose as adults; but the author has captured it beautifully in this book.
When I first read this book it appealed to me for the simplicity of its language, and the fairy tale like construction. I had just left behind seeing with my heart and began thinking in numbers, and profits, and losses. The beauty of a thing lies in what is invisible - that made little sense back then. But now when my kids' eyes light up at the thought of an invisible, the maturity of the thought comes home and makes me want to experience that genuine excitement once again. While we may forget to appreciate it, the fact remains that it is the Invisible, the mysterious that really fascinates us to follow a dream as we grow up. (The mature thing to do is say that you know all about it and what you are getting into, but there is an element of mystery, of how things will turn out that is really fascinating.)
I hope I can learn to see the elephant inside the boa constrictor once again. Maybe my kids will teach me this time.

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