Saturday, February 28

Repair and reuse

It is funny how people getting their shoes repaired can be news. I am listening to NPR and a story that people in the US are getting their shoes, luggage, clothes repaired and reusing them due to economic slowdown is amusing to say the least. Of course it says not everyone is being frugal and people are still buying new shoes, with one girl preferring to replace than repair.

When I first came to this country I was amazed at how repair shops are rare and expensive. Back home you just walked over to your corner shoe/purse/luggage repairwala and your shoes could be as good as new in a couple of bucks. I remember my brother getting his school shoes repaired at least twice a month. Or getting those school mandated leather shoes polished from the chappalwala at the start of every new year so they looked brand new. The hundreds of times my dad repaired purse zippers for mom.

In its own weird way the story made me feel at home, very nostalgic and a kid once again.

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