Friday, December 19


What's the motivation here?

"Safaat had been in Malaysian custody since December 2001, when he was arrested because of his alleged involvement with Jemaah Islamiah, a radical South Asian terror group closely linked with Al Qaeda. But two weeks ago, Malaysia's interior minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, announced that Sufaat and five other detained Islamic militants were being freed because "they are no longer a threat and will no longer pose a threat to public order." Albar added that Sufaat "has been rehabilitated and can return to society."" (emphasis mine)

Apparently the Malaysian government's legal authority to hold him has expired. Is the Malaysian government (with all due respect) so law abiding, or can it not charge him with something else or find a loophole in the system that would allow them to hold him back? Can you rehabilitate terrorists? I would love for that to happen, what is it possible?

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AK said...

Syed Hamid Albar comes from one of the biggest lunatic families in Malaysian politics. His father regularly tried to incite malay lynch mobs to kill chinese-singaporeans during the 1960s--and Albar jails bloggers for fun. He's one of the biggest targets of abuse on my Malaysian Politics Reform Group on Facebook, March 8th Movement.