Thursday, March 1

Clarification needed

Can someone please explain what exactly does this mean?

In the first part it says that India proposed the inclusion of 'descent'. And later on it says that the UN is charging India with racism. What???


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

IMHO, it seems that some people are finally waking up to the fact that the caste system is yet another form of racism, much like branding people gultis and mamas and such, and getting prejudiced by that.

About the last post: I really identify with what you've said. 'Like' is really infectious, and it seems such an easy way out to fill conversation when you are groping for the right word.

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Supremus said...

Caste system existed for a reason. While it was there, it served its purpose. But now its an ancient idea and finds no place in today's world - the earlier it is eliminated the better. I will not necessarily say that caste system was bad - it was useful at some point in time, prolly 2000 years back - but it has no place today :D


Manasi said...

Sudipta: yea looks like it. though I doubt if it will ever be wiped off completely.
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Suyog: I really wonder what purpose it served, and how good was it even 2000 years back. these discriminations hardly help anyone, at the most they rebound back with more ill-faith at heart.