Thursday, February 22

Celestial bonding

What happens when a dark and handsome someone enters a girl's life? And make it smart, fast, easy to get along with, and totally dedicated towards your needs and expectations! Seems too good to be true, does it? Well, but it is true. This someone has recently become a part of my life. And suddenly things seem so much more better and livelier. Not that I had a dull or boring life before. But then "jadoo hai nasha hai..."

Now for those who know me, this does not mean that C is out. How can he? after all he introduced me to this someone. And he likes this one too. They exist cordially. They might not be the best of friends, but my ever-so-generous C has graciously accepted not just the presence, but also the significance of this one in my life. And why will he not, when this one keeps me amused, entertained, engrossed especially during C's office hours. Infact as someone who refuses to put up any personal pictures on the web, C's agreed to let me put up mine with this one!

So before C gets any second thoughts I better be off for that special photo shoot with him, Toshiba Satellite!


Otherwise; said...


Manasi said...

otherwise or g(because calling u otherwise is funny): nice to see u! :)