Tuesday, January 23

Charmed !

With everyone complaining of an expectionaly warm winter, I had lost all hopes of experiencing my first snow this winter. But this Sunday Snow-white descended in all her glory into my little warm world. At around two in the afternoon, tiny snowflakes started drizzling and began a day full of fun. It was the first snow for my friends too and we decided to make the most of it. In about two hours the intensity of the snow and our excitement had escalated. Dressed in Eskimo-wear we trotted towards the lake. We felt, clasped, threw, and ate snow. It was one of the most beautiful sights ever. The soft sparkling white path, canopy of bare trees, tinges of brown peeping out, a mild grey-blue sky, a rippled lake as if shivering in the cold, ducks with snow on their backs wading peacefully through the ice cold water.............gorgeous!

(Pix: Divya & Bala)

The path to the lake

The first glimpse of the lake

The ugly ducklings transforming?


Rimpi said...

Hey Manasi,

Enjoyed reading your post. I used to live in toronto and always complained about the snow...moved to california and haven't seen snow since. Now I feel like moving back. :-)

Manasi said...

Rimpi: Thanks! But I guess like everyone says snow looks good on the first day, after that it can be a pain in the wrong place ;)

Rimpi said...

oh yea..thats for sure :-)

arshat chaudhary said...

The snaps are really good!Stuff tht wallpapers are made of!

Manasi said...

arshat: thanks :)