Tuesday, April 18

Harsh..... happiness abound!

Nice cool summer Sunday morning. 5.30 Am. Me sleeping blissfully. Suddenly mom waking me up, "Chalo jana hai na, jaldi utho!" "But its Sunday today" (groan). And then the words, "Fine then dad and I will go to the hospital, you can sleep." Immediately I am up as straight as a log, eyes wide open as if I had never been asleep (well my brother was rolling all over the place seeing me so). Give mom a look of disbelief. Mom all smiles.

And thus I became a proud masi (direct English translation is punishable!) that Sunday!!!! My sister had her first baby, a baby boy. An extremely charming little pink baby, with big blackish eyes (but I claim to see a tinge of green in them), tiny lips and holes for the nose, long legs and such-sweet-soft hands! How our lives have changed since then. First thing everyone does as soon as they get up, have a look at the baby. He is awake at 5.30am and playing and making all sorts of noises all by himself till either my sister or someone else joins him. Even I have started getting up real early to play with him. (Disadvantage: mom asking me to go for a morning walk "now that you are awake and the sun is still to rise"!) But then I am smart. I prefer taking the baby for a sunbath. Just as the sun rises and those first rays fall on him, he changes from pink to red. Looks at the sun eyes wide open, then at my mom or me (or anyone else who is around) and then munches upon god-knows-what.

The entire day is spent looking at him cycle, swim (his movements are like he were swimming in the air), look at my sister and smile, follow her with his eyes and ensure that she is within the range of his eyes and not cry but simply makes tiny sounds with his lips whenever he is hungry. Everyone who visits us is so enchanted by these tiny sounds. They all go ga-ga, "such a good boy, doesn’t cry even if he is hungry!" As night falls each one of us has to have a look at him, hold him before we go off to sleep.

It is amazing how such a tiny thing, unknown to the world till a few days back, suddenly becomes the centre of your universe. Every moment, every thought is about him, related to him. Even dinner discussions are about what he did today, how he listened to music and how he did this and that. Life seems wonderful. Feeling tired and low, play with him for a couple of minutes and you are completely rejuvenated. Very happy, play with him and watching him laugh with you the happiness knows no bounds. Not sleepy, try putting him off to sleep and the rocking will make you sleep but he will continue smiling at you. Even the scorching summer heat feels like a cool winter breeze when he laughs and smiles at you………..

Touchwood! for all the 'harsh'bhare days!


Supremus said...

So is he called Harsh? :P

I love newborn babies and infants - Infact I love them so so much, until they begin to talk (That is what...around a year?)... and then I dont go near them.

Best of luck to the baby - mayhaps u should put up a pic of his sometime :)



Manasi said...

suyog: thanks! yes harsh, that's his name :)
BTW kids are sweet no matter what. When they start talking (u r right, its arnd 1yr) they can be really adorable! YOu will know it some day ;)
Even i wld love to put up a pic, but then his mommy has to be consulted ;)

Shruthi said...

Oh please allow me to go "cho chweeeet" :))
You lucky, lucky girl! I love to have a baby around, with whom I can play. Its such a wonderful feeling! And yes, it never ceases to amaze me that such a tiny thing, which did not even exist the previous day, takes total control of all the lives around it :)

The picture in the first paragraph of you stiffening like a log, with eyes wide open, was very amusing :D

Seeya later, Manasi Masi :D [Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? :)]

Manasi said...

Shruthi: Thanks. Manasi Masi...... it actually does sound nice when i say it aloud! :)

Nirwa said...


I can't wait to become a Masi.. I hope I am one by next year! :D My mom has been pestering my sister with tht too.. :P

Kids and I get along pretty well.. you see.. my mental age and their physical age are same..

I love kids' feet.. when they've not yet started walking.. Oooooh.. I love them holding my finger.. i always compare my little finger with their whole hand.. :P :P :P

Harsh is a nice name.. :D

Congratulations!! :D :D :D


Manasi said...

Thanks :)
I hope your sister's baby does not turn out to be like you, all crazy! Your mom would have a tough time ;)

Just kidding!

Nirwa said...

Heh heh..

Manasi, hope that the kid turns out to be like me.. because then there will never a dull moment! :D

And yes, chances are more that the baby would be like me because, my sister is also semi crack.. :P So if the baby takes on her/his mother, then.. God save the child! :P