Tuesday, March 7

Happy Birthday to me!

There are some moments in life you can never anticipate. And so when they do happen they leave you flabbergasted. I experienced something of the sort today.

Today, on my birthday, early morning I received a huge bouquet of roses! I was stunned. It was breathtakingly beautiful and the surprise element was so large that for a couple of minutes I kept looking at it mouth agape, and the poor delivery boy wondering if he had done something wrong. Finally coming to my senses I signed the receipt and carried the basket full of roses inside the house, wondering how in the world did he manage it!! It was my first every home delivery of flowers, and that too from my fiancé. The beauty of the flowers and the love they conveyed was enough to make my day, and forget that he is not with me today. (Thank you, dear!) Its a mixture of pink and yellow roses with white wild flowers kinda flowers (I dont know their name). They have been arranged in a basket like the kinds I thought only princesses in fairytales carried. Oh, how I felt on top of the world carrying it inside, just like those fairytale princesses, sweetly in love! (Sigh!)

I think I am probably going overboard with my excitement. But then when you are in love and separated (judai), ever gesture of love, every gift from 'him' means a million times more than it would otherwise have. You can feel the person with you at that moment, sharing the joy, smiling at your happiness and in love with you! This is my second birthday we are celebrating sitting at different ends of the world, but the love and warmth it has brought with those flowers has washed away all the pain I was feeling yesterday. The memories of undelivered shipment last year and the disappointment it led to is all forgotten today. Just a bunch of flowers and such happiness, such hope.

Well I sure am feeling on cloud nine today! Happy Birthday to me for sure :)


Shruthi said...

Awwww thats so sweet! :))
A very happy birthday to you, Manasi! Hope you have lots more lovely bdays!

Sri Harsha said...

Tht's cool!

Belated greetings....

Manasi said...

Shruthi, sri harsha: thank you! :)

ANKIT said...

Happy birthday!
have a great future ahead!

Ashish Thakare said...

Hi Mansi,
I know it is pretty late to wish you now. But then its better to be late than never.
Wishing you a life full of joy and success.

Lori said...

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Nirwa said...


Belated Birthday wishes for you!!

Surprises are always great! I love surprises!


Manasi said...

Ankit, Ashish, Lori and Nirwa : Thank you people :)