Tuesday, December 20

Receipt of Acknowledgement

‘Please send me a receipt of acknowledgement for the same’
! How many times, how many times do we write this in our correspondences? And yet more than half of the times you neither get a receipt, and acknowledgement…………….. what’s that?!?

Come to think of it, it is not just our formal correspondences that are full of such frustrating behavior but the very personal ones too. Infact the more personal the correspondence the greater the expectation and even greater the disappointment. Like you write to your friend telling him/ her about your achievement or wishing on his/ her achievement or say send him/ her a birthday card and hope that you will get a call or a few words of acknowledgement. But what do you get, thenga! Infact the next time you meet online or in person there is no mention of it from the other side and you wonder if the letter/ card ever reached the person. You keep on expecting and you are repeatedly disappointed.

And if it is your girlfriend/ boyfriend you are dealing with…………… the pain is well not spoken about. Imagine a case where your boyfriend/ husband is out on a tour and you are missing him. You long to meet him, to talk to him, to hug him……………….. and so pick out a beautiful , sweet, charming, romantic card and send it to him. Your mailbox tells you he has ‘just seen your card’ and the wait begins. You hope, you wait, you hope………. But nothing happens. No phone call, no letter, no return cards, no offline messages…………. no ‘receipt of acknowledgement’ of your little gesture of love. You have spent a lot of time choosing that perfect card (sometimes even a lot of money), writing those wonderful words, those sweet nothings (but they are not nothings, they mean so much!) ……… and your friend/ lover does not even acknowledge your act, let alone appreciate it. You let it happen again and again and not say a word for fear of a fight, of souring the relationship, of missing out on the few moments that you have across distances………….. because you care, you love the other person! Yet you are heartbroken and the hurt is suppressed, but not forgotten!

Now why does this happen? Why does your friend, sweetheart not care enough to acknowledge your gesture? What makes him/ her just ignore it? What makes the doer not speak up against the heart breaking act?

If any of you know the answers to it please let me know. And you can rest assured you will get a receipt of acknowledgement for it!


Shruthi said...

Hey Manasi, have you observed that at the beginning of a relationship, or a new friendship, the "receipt of acknowledgement" is immediate? At that time, the love is new, the feelings are overwhelming, and there is a value for your words! AFter some time, your words and gestures are taken for granted. IT is an attitude of "she is there, anyway"...It is then that this happens.
Add to it, the sentiments of the male and the female :) Usually the female gets senti and selects those oh-so-perfect words and sends it - and the male reads it and says, "Oh, that's nice - so what is India's score?"
If a male sends something to a female, she reads it, feels a thrill, sends back a heartfelt response, and feels nice the rest of the day!
Just the difference between the sexes! :)
Men should just learn to respect the woman's expectations, and the woman should stop expecting, and then both will be happy! :))
Though, easier said than done!

Manasi said...

Hey Shruthi you said it right. Probably thats why some people like to keep on jumping from relationship to relationship. But seriously, the granted thing is very true. But then how do you stop 'expecting'........ dil hai ki manata nahi!

Shruthi said...

Very difficult, yes. But maybe we have to understand that they love us in their own strange way.... and they are just insensitive buggers - kya karen! :)))